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Monday, December 21st, 2026
1:24 am - This journal is now mostly- Friends Only

And HUGE thankies goes out to nezumishi for saving me from my own poor graphic manip skills and re-doing the banner so beautifully! I'm so gonna have her baby!

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Friday, November 4th, 2011
9:05 pm - Hmmm...
I'm feeling very nostalgic today and it's making me kinda sad to remember things that were in my life almost a decade ago and not anymore. Talk about "you can never go home again".

My life kinda sucks right now (but is also kinda good in other ways) so I've essentially become a temporary hermit.

Who the hell decided sunshine was so great anyway?

Hmm... I need to find some new, good anime to watch.

By the way, the nostalgia was largely started by hearing about the new Evangelion Rebuild stuff and Batman fics based off storylines from years ago.

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010
8:19 am - Happy Mother’s Day!!!

To all the mothers out there on my flist (and to my mom, even though she’s not going to be reading this)

I am officially out of school for the summer! I didn't fail any of my nursing courses, so I'm still in the program. Three whole months of sleeping and… well… sleeping some more. And watching anime and Farscape, and catching up on LJ. Awesome!

I’ve got to get back to losing weight and living healthier this summer. I bought a pretty kickass pressure cooker for that purpose. I’m also burning through a new awesome anime I just started watching- Gurren Lagann. The full, dubbed episodes are on Youtube via Bandai or Aniplex or whoever the hell it is that puts it out, which is sweet. I also managed to finally watch all of Shin Chan that way.

Plus, I’ve got the first two seasons of Farscape downloaded onto my laptop so I can watch it while running on my treadmill, so I think it’s going to be a good summer.

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
11:11 pm - Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who posted with suggestions and comments during The Great Tampon Ordeal of 2009 ^_^

You'll be happy to know (or grossed out, or don't care at all XP) that the second time was the charm. I managed to get the applicator in far enough to push the tampon where it's supposed to be (I had to angle it a bit differently and look at some porn beforehand to... ease the way? Better than Vaseline, I would think)

It didn't hurt at all then, but it wasn't comfortable (wasn't really UNcomfortable either... more like just very, very... THERE) Sorry to the die-hard tampon supporters. I'll wear them for swimming but I prefer my pads.

But thanks again for all the advice! I feel we've grown together as sisters and *insert more "womanhood"-ish mushy crap here*

Also, for anyone who's ever worked with Humane Societies or Animal Shelters... is there any, like, financial aid for adopting? I really wanna get some more cats (my current very-anti-social-furball be damned!) but they want almost $50 to adopt an adult cat, which I don't really have. But, I mean, if it's a cat they're going to just euthanize anyway (like, one who wasn't adopted in the set amount of time given), wouldn't it be cheaper to just GIVE the cat to someone than put it to sleep? Sort of like a "last chance" freebie? Then again, I don't even know if my local Humane Society puts animals to sleep.


Anyway, I've also got my 8 Things To Be Happy For Today to do:

1) Nice, long workouts at the YMCA
2) Making that workout at the Y obsolete by eating Reese's peanut butter cups... which are delicious...
3) Getting my assignment for English finally turned in. I suppose late is better than never. One assignment down, 2 million more to go ^_^
4) The weather! 50 degrees, wet, windy, and overcast! I LOVE that sort of weather!
5) Realizing I love my car's gas mileage. A 45-minute-each-way roundtrip to Ann Arbor yesterday and it only used a quarter of the gas in my tank, which is about $7 worth.
6) Stealing kisses from my cranky bastard of a cat, and the horrified and offended look on his face when I manage to do it successfully without him attacking me.
7) Being generous. I got a $8 coupon for my local grocery store (it was one of those "buy such-and-such product and get $8 off your next shopping trip!" deals) Instead of spending it on myself, I grabbed a bunch of kids' winter gloves that were on uber!sale (60% off, then an additional 50% off that) and bought them with the coupon. They were packs of three pairs of gloves that ended up costing 80 cents per pack, and I got 6 packs. I'll donate them to charity next winter. I feel warm and fuzzy with that one.
8) Of course, successfully wearing my first tampon today. It may seem weird and, like, no big deal to most people but this is the kind of stuff that I'm really, really no good with. Doesn't help my mom doesn't wear them at all (even before she had her hysterectomy) so I've had no one who actually knows all about the tampon-related-girly-bit-issues to explain some of that crazy shit to me.

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
2:46 pm - Answers to OTP meme

Yay! Everyone did really awesome on the OTP meme thing. Especially since most of the pairings are pretty old and/or obscure. Here are the answers to the rest of them (yeah, I probably should wait longer and some of the rest might be guessed… but I’ll forget if I do that ^_^)

2) the Japanese photographer and his “morning prayer” (who’s had the Crappiest. Life. Ever.)

Eiji/Ash from the manga Banana Fish. Eiji, in the manga, is a photographer’s assistant but does take various pictures of Ash and his adventures with him. Ash’s real name is Aslan Jade which, according to the manga (and nothing else I can find) one of those is the name of some Muslim morning prayer. Ash was also sexually abused as a child, ran away from home, was forced into child prostitution, and finally was bought and adopted by a guy who’s been sexually abusing him and other little boys since they first met. He’s also had his entire family be killed or they’ve abandoned him, had friends and his girlfriend killed, and has been forced to shot and kill one of his best friends to save the life of another one. Like I said- Crappiest. Life. Ever. But he’s such a woobie.

Banana Fish is also one of the best manga series I’ve ever read- if not The Best. I sometimes kick myself because I actually didn’t buy it at first because of the art (it’s got 80s manga shounen art) and only bought it because I had money and none of the series I was currently reading had any new volumes in the store.

But seriously people- READ IT!! It’s so good! The ending affected me like I’ve only been affected by Harry Potter (7 huge books and 10 years vs. 19 volumes and about 2 years) Also, when I graduate from college and have more spending money, I’m actually planning on offering to mail all 19 volumes to any of you guys that wants to read it but not have to pay for the series. That’s how fucking good it is (can you tell I’m absolutely in love with this manga?)

5) He saved him from the scorpion, then sold him up the river

Vicious/Gren from Cowboy Bebop. That’s almost a direct quote from the show, as Vicious saved Gren’s life from a scorpion while they were fighting together in a desert war, then he lies about Gren being a spy and gets him thrown in prison. When they finally meet again, Gren actually says something like, “You saved me from that scorpion, then sold me up the river.”

6) The only time one has ever been defeated, was by the thighs of the other

Alexander The Great/Hephestion. A couple hundred years after Alexander the Great’s death, some historian guy wrote something like, “Alexander the Great was only defeated once, and that was Hephestion’s thighs.” Granted, he wrote that to be a bad thing, but I like it just fine.

7) She’ll always follow him, making beautiful dresses together

George/Isabella (a cross dresser, which is why it’s actually yaoi) from Paradise Kiss. George rides off into the sunset at the end of the manga to make dresses abroad and she gives up everything to follow him. Unrequited love is so adorable (though it makes me want to punch George and say “Love her!!! Do it, dammit!!”) Okay, so this is more like me being madly in love with Isabella and having to like George in the pairing with her because that’s who she loves… OTPs are so complicated.

10) Their hearts (and that of their partners') have beat as one

Davis/Ken from Digimon. Even though they did the horrible “flash forward to the future” ending for that season on Digimon and Ken was married to a girl, I count this pairing as fucking canon. Dude, when their Digimon partners were fusion!Digivolving together (or whatever it’s called), Davis is floating in this white glowy light and you hear heartbeats. He says to himself (probably not exactly, but close enough), “Is that my heart beating? No, that’s Ken’s too. Our hearts are beating as one.” That right there, people, is canon.

I will probably update more on real life stuff later, but some people mentioned wanting to know what the other OPTs were so I didn’t want to leave anyone in suspense XP

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009
11:09 am - STOP! Meme-time...
Because everyone's doing it and, at heart, I am just a lemming...

? Pick up to 15 OTPs.
? Describe them in less than 15 words.
? Have your flist guess the OTP.
? ???

Hint: Every pairing, despite any pronouns used, is technically slash/yaoi. Another hint, if you know the show/book/movie/fandom/etc you can guess every one from something listed in my interests (mostly because I tend to check people’s interests while trying to answer this meme ^_^ Despite the fact I suck at it. Big time XP)

1) The Angel and the boy who just wants to run away- Kowaru/Shinji from Evangelion, guessed by [info]yaoi_slut
2) the Japanese photographer and his “morning prayer” (who’s had the Crappiest. Life. Ever.)
3) The telepath and the berserker- Schuldig/Farfarello from Weiss Kruez, guessed by [info]the_doro
4) OT3- the fish, the tiger, and the hawk- Hawkseye, Fisheye, and Tigerseye from Sailor Moon, guessed by [info]dead_relena
5) He saved him from the scorpion, then sold him up the river
6) The only time one has ever been defeated, was by the thighs of the other
7) She’ll always follow him, making beautiful dresses together
8) The Alpha And Omega, and the fallen star- Jesus/Judas or God/Lucifer from The Bible (yeah, I know it's cheating to have two, but it's at least given me an interesting fanfic idea where Judas is a human re-incarnation of Lucifer), guessed by [info]rosicrucian
9) One wants to burn everything, the other watched his everything burn- Dilandau/Van from Escaflowne, guessed by [info]wolfalice
10) Their hearts (and that of their partners') have beat as one

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
3:42 pm - Requisite election post

Hee, I know everyone’s probably sick and tired of hearing about it but I’m going to do my one post-election geeking out, then shut up and go back to studying for my A&P exam

Reading over my flist’s reaction to the election last night, I was very excited to see that not ONE. SINGLE. PERSON. was anything less than absolutely thrilled about President Obama’s being elected. I have the best flist in the whole world ^_^

Personally, for about the last eight years I have been hating and dreading the direction the country has taken. I, literally, worried that the United States was actually on it’s way to losing super power status (the whole “empires rise and empires fall” phenomena is not a thing of the past and with China possibly poised to soon be the next most uber!super powered nation in the world, I thought it looked grim) Overreaction? Probably, but the worry was there.

For the first time in a long time, I am happy, excited, and hopeful about the direction the country has a chance to head in and very proud to be an American (wow, that’s an odd feeling after so long) However, I do realize that Obama is not “the One”, he’s not Neo, and he’s not some kind of savior. The country has a horribly long and difficult path ahead of it, BUT I believe we’re now (well, as of 1/20/09) being led by someone who realizes those facts, has a plan to guide us through it, and obviously has the ability to inspire and bring out the best in the people of this country.

I’m also excited because I feel like a torch has been passed. For the last couple presidential elections, none of them have felt like MY presidential elections. It was all old, white, baby boomer men looking out for the interest of their people- out of touch and uninterested in the problems and voices of my generation. Not only is President Obama the youngest president ever elected (I believe… I should probably fact check that though), he’s got young (adorable) children, so I believe that he will definitely be looking out for not only our country now- but its long term future interests as well.

Also, I was very excited about everything Obama’s election has to say about racial bias and the work the country has done to move past it, however, I still found myself on pins-and-needles during his acceptance speech in front of that huge crowd and silently praying (despite being agnostic-borderline-atheist), “Please dear God, NO ONE shoot him!”

As for non-presidential elections- gay marriage. Yes, I was very disappointed that California banned gay marriage, however, I’m actually not too down about it. It’s an annoying and depressing set-back, yes. However, I fully believe that gay marriage will be legal in the entire U.S. within my lifetime. I KNOW that to be true 100%, without question. It’s going to take hard work and probably another decade or two, but it will happen. Not to mention that the gay community got our first explicit thank-you ever from a president -elect last night from President Obama, so that’s a step in the right direction right there.

For matters closer to my home, I’m also very proud of my state, Michigan, itself (not only for voting Obama) There was a ballot proposal to make stem-cell research legal that passed here (though my city voted against it), which I was very happy about. However, my home city of Jackson did pass a millage proposal to raise property taxes to help support the local library system. This may not seem like much to most people but remember- Michigan has been in pretty much a one-state recession for years (even when the rest of the country’s economy was strong) due to a huge loss of auto-making manufacturing jobs that only got even worse lately. Jackson has had one of the highest unemployment rates in Michigan, which is a state that has had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. People are poor, at times desperate, and have been for a long time now. However, they were still (almost overwhelmingly- 62% yes to 37% no) willing to pay more money to support a vital part of our community. I’m proud of that.

Now- I will proceed to shut up and study (and geek out on other people’s journals about everything) ^_^

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Monday, June 30th, 2008
9:50 am - Lasanga to die for… and a couple small victories

Firstly- OMG! I like a lasanga!!!! WTF?

Seriously, I have -never-, EVER liked a lasagna before. But I decided to institute a “vegetarian” weeks of meals in my house (yeah, I’m weaving dangerously close to considering Vegetarianism in my quest to eat healthier… maybe not for everything, maybe just for red meats. I‘m still fine with my chicken and fish)

Anyway, I searched around some recipe websites and saw a recipe for vegetarian lasanga that didn’t have any tomato stuff in there (I hate tomatoes, this one is made with a sort of “white sauce” filling) I decided to fix that to “reward” my mom, since she loves lasagna but we never fix it because I don’t like it, for going along with the vegetarian thing (she’s really freakish about certain food things and considers it “like living in a third world country” to have a meal without meat)

I made it yesterday and it was fucking DELICIOUS!!! And even better when being re-heated *is in heaven* Not to mention that the calorie content is wonderful. It’s three layers in a 13x9 pan and even though I cut it into only 8 huge pieces (recipe called for 12 servings), those pieces are still only 306 calories each.

Let’s just hope the Cuban Beans and Rice recipe that’s next on my meal list goes over just as well (looked like vomit in the picture on the website but seems really good other than that)


Nextly- sorry I’ve been AWOL again. I’ve been “helping” my mom with the big project due in her Nutrition class and studying for her Mid-Term exam in Medical Terminology. I swear, for a woman who has been periodically taking college course since 2003, she does NOT know how to study. Really, I’ve seen kindergarteners who had better studying skills than she does. And organization skills. And time-management skills. And test-taking skills (I’ll give her a pass on that one though, since she seems to suffer from test anxiety) One thing that causes a lot of aggravation between us is the fact she seems to be content with coasting through everything without showing any initiative, drive, or direction.

For example, I told her to have her stuff done for this week’s Nutrition assignment Saturday (yes, she doesn’t even know her own school schedule) After she comes home from work Sunday (which is a day she voluntarily picked up to work, even though she has her Mid-Terms this week that she hasn’t even begun to study for) she starts reading this book she got from work. After about an hour or so, this is the exact conversation that occurred:

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, did you get your groupwork sent out?
Mom: Oh no, I wanted to re-write some of it since I couldn’t find one of the answers.
Me: Ok, did you do your discussion questions?
Mom: Um no, I haven’t done those.
Me: *starting to get twitchy* Then why are you sitting there reading?
Mom: Because I forgot I had that stuff to do.
Me: *did not actually say it* BITCH, I JUST TOLD YOU -YESTERDAY- TO HAVE IT DONE YESTERDAY!!! *bangs head again wall*

Very frustrating. I’m in the process of catching back up with my flist though.


Lastly- I’m an extremely happy clam! I bought my first new piece of clothing since starting to lose weight. I don’t go out very often, except to the store for my weekly grocery shopping (at 4:00 am, because that’s how I roll) but all my pants were pretty much either hanging off me or starting to do so. So, I bought a new pair of jeans that were a size…

*drum rolls*

*pets a puppy*


*squees like a squirrel on laughing gas*

When I started losing weight 13 ½ weeks ago (I’ve lost 36.6 lbs so far according to my latest weigh-in last Friday, I‘m now 178.7 lbs) my size 18 jeans were tight on me. Now the size 10 jeans I bought are a perfect fit (and it’s not a fluke, I tried several size 12 pairs of jeans even though I couldn’t believe I was even that small and almost all of them were loose on me) and if I didn’t mind a pair of jeans that were tight on me, I probably could have even gone for a size 8.

My shirts are also really baggy so I’m thinking about going to one of the local consignment stores today to buy one or two smaller ones. I just don’t want to spend too much money on clothes at this size because I’m going to be getting even smaller than I am right now (I have 46 more lbs to lose before I’m my ideal weight) Then again, I don’t want to look like a bum with huge clothes hanging off me whenever I go out either.

I’m also glad to report that apparently losing the weight hasn’t thrown off my badass/psycho chick vibe any ^_^ I don’t know what it is about the way I walk and/or carry myself in public (my mother has alternatively described it as “walking like a line-backer” and “walking like you’re going to kill someone”) but people will actually, like, dodge out of my way when I’m walking somewhere. The other day I was leaving the store with my mother and this older guy who was walking in front of us actually pulled his cart to the side and waited for us to pass before he fell in step behind us. And we weren’t on his heels or anything (we were walking probably a good 6 feet behind him) A couple weeks before that, when I was walking behind a different, young guy- he heard my footsteps (which, I’ll give him that one as I walk really fast and heavily but I was 20 feet away this time), looked behind him, saw me, and pulled his cart to the side and let me pass him too. Apparently I’m a little intimidating in person? At 5’1?

I still don’t like my under-arm flab or tummy pooch though ;_; I’ll probably start to have to do some upper-body weight lifting and sits-up (I don’t do crunches) soon to help tone those areas.


Flab-and-poochily your’s,

Va-chan ^_^

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
12:07 am - Help!
TV Tropes (tvtropes.org) is eating my brain!!!

Seriously, there should be a warning on the front page of that site-

Warning: Do not enter unless you have 5 hours of free time to spend clicking from link to link to link, finally only stopping when your Internet Explorer crashes because you've got 175 pages open at once.

Good times. Good times.

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Friday, June 13th, 2008
2:39 pm - Weigh In and Gantz

Hmmm... me likey. I lost 5.6 lbs in the last two weeks (1.6 lbs in the week I started my period and 4.0 lbs this last week) I guess it really does pay to work out every day (only 30 minutes, but still)

I'm down to 183.7 lbs, which is a weight I haven't seen since, like, forever (seriously, I was probably in the 6th grade the last time I weighed that) My mom, however, weighs 175.3 lb now ;_; Yes, I'm in competition with her (one-way competition, I don't think she cares ^_^) I'm always amused at the difference in our measurements though. Because I have an hourglass figure, which tends to distribute weight evenly throughout the body and she has a spoon body shape, which tends to be bottom-heavy, my stats are always better than her's *glees* My boobs are bigger (though shrinking depressingly fast), and my waist and hips are smaller, even though I weigh 10 lbs more than her.

I did have a little cool something happened at the store the other day. My mom was shopping for some new shorts and I was browsing some of the clothing racks. I saw a cute little dress in the Misses department (NOT my department) on a hanger that said it was a Large. I figured that since she was trying crap on and would take a couple more minutes, I might as well try the dress on. I wasn't expecting it to fit, but I wanted to see about how much farther I had to go (I want to shop in the Misses department because, with my being a short shit (5'1), the Women's department (especially the Plus-Size) stuff is all too tall and out of proportion for my body length-wise) So I tried the cute little dress on and it fit surprisingly well. The top part was waaay to small for my boobs (which I consider a good thing ^_^) and the rest fit like a second skin, but it actually -fit-, not stretching or anything. Then, I took a look at the tag, and found out that the hanger was wrong- the dress was a medium *squees* Yes, I know that's horribly dorky that I get that excited over being able to fit into a Misses Medium, but I was very happy. I can't wait until I hit my goal weight and can buy a whole new (well, used but new to me) wardrobe (I have $60.00 saved up for that purpose so far and should have at least $100.00 by the time I hit the goal weight)

On the anime/manga front, I've started to read the manga Gantz and I really, really like it. Except the main character- he's a total asshole. It's got the kinda Battle Royale-ish feeling that I occasionally crave in my manga. Izumi has just showed up but I already love him (and yes- I already know about the shooting spree, though I haven't read that part yet.... and the panda O_o Odd boy, that one. But I do love my psychos)

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008
12:16 am - President's List Bitches!

Well, I got quite a few things crossed off my To Do list (okay, most of them are reoccurring things To Do, but it still counts!)

Things I did-
Sorted all the paperwork in the house (which took 3 empty-ings of my paper shredder for all the pre-approved credit card offers)
Laundry (well, I'm almost done with that)
Helped mom with her school work
Exercised everyday for the last week (*w00ts)
Did the bills

Still have a lot to do, but the paperwork was the big, time-consuming thing.

Hee! I also got on the President's List in school- all 4.0's, baby!!!

Hopefully, now they'll let me put plan Death By Academia into play at the new college!


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Saturday, May 31st, 2008
1:34 pm - Farewell for the weekend
Just a note that I'll be MIA until about Tuesday or so to study for my final exams. Then I'm free for the summer.

And I'll be giving my cat a bath so...

... if no one hears from me by next weekend, advise the cops to check the basement for my body ^_^
Friday, May 30th, 2008
7:24 am - I'm sick of these M-F-ing ghosts in my M-F-ing bathroom!

Lottsa little stuff- (including ghosts)

1) Weight loss- *w00ts* I forgot to update last week so I’ll do a two-week tally.

Over the last two weeks I’ve lost 5.6 lbs! Yay! I lost 2.9 last week and 2.7 this week, which is exceedingly good because I only exercised 1 day out of those two weeks (which is exceedingly bad ;_;) I can’t wait to see how much I lose once I start, you know, actually getting off my ass and doing the exercise (it’s school, I tell you! I have no time!) This brings my total weight loss for the nine weeks I’ve been dieting to 26 lbs!

I now weigh 189.3 lbs, down from 215.3!

2) I found Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Version yesterday and think my life has been better for it ^_^ Freakin’ hilarious (“By playing a children’s card game, I‘ve somehow become gravely injured.” “Screw the rules, I have money!” “Hello talking pair of breasts.” “Hail Satan!”) I do so love parodies.

3) I didn’t get to go to school yesterday because MY CAR WOULDN’T START *frets* I turn the key and it just sputters and won’t start. My mom thinks it’s probably either the starter or the battery. It’s done this before on me, but I’ve always been able to get it to start on the second try. I tried three times yesterday and it just wouldn’t do it. But on the other hand, I’m grateful that it wouldn’t start on my way up there, because my class is from 8 pm to 9:50 pm and, by the time I get out, the school’s office is closed and I usually forget to bring my cell phone. My school is far, far away from my house and I would have had to hike to the nearest store (which isn’t too far away) at 10 pm and make a collect call (I don’t keep money on me) for my mom to come and get me, which she probably couldn’t for another hour or two. So yeah- very glad it didn’t stop working while I was at school.

4) My mother is now convinced our house is haunted and, because I’m a paranoid pansy, I’ve started becoming freaked out by certain things (which I’m sure can be easily explained away somehow)

The reason she thinks it’s haunted is because, one night while she was trying to sleep recently, her bedroom door kept shutting itself. At first, she wasn’t worried because the cat will open or close her door to suit his fancy (as cats are wont to do) but, when she looked over the second time it was closing to see why he was doing it, she realized that he was actually in bed with her and nowhere near the door. After she told me (in the most frightening way possible! Seriously- she came downstairs in the middle of the night while I was on my computer in the dark and whispers “Deanna, something’s shutting my door”. Really Mom- WTF) I just dismissed it because I didn’t think that we’d ever experienced anything supernatural like that in the house, so why would it start a year and a half after we move in?

Then- when I really started to think about it, I realized that we have had ghostly shit happen before. My mom got some balloons last year for some holiday and I had released two of them so they were floating around our ceiling upstairs. One morning, when I got up to use the bathroom, I was kind of weirded out because one of them had moved in the night from in front of my door to all the way down the hallway, -under- the top threshold of the bathroom door (which is a good 1/2 foot from the ceiling), and was floating around in the bathroom. Naturally, I dismissed it as a breeze coming from somewhere (no windows were open but it’s an old house that’s drafty at times) but thought it was odd that the other balloon that had been floating only about 4 feet away hadn’t moved at all. So I kicked the balloon out of the bathroom but kept the door open because I wanted to keep an eye on it (because I’m a paranoid pansy) and proceeded to watch it -move- down the hallway again when I hadn’t been able to feel any kind of breeze in the hallway. And even though I’m very freaked out by floating balloons (IT, anyone? We all float down here) I just dismissed it again as some very slight breeze I couldn’t feel that apparently moves one balloon, but not another one floating 4 feet away.

Until the door incident, of course. I wanted to blame it on a breeze again (especially because the moving balloon had to go right past my mom’s door, so it’s in the same area of the house) but I tested the door and it’s set up so that it drags against the carpet whenever you open or close it. Which means the breeze would have to be slight enough for me not to feel it, but strong enough to move not only the door, but also overcome the resistance from it dragging against the carpet.

Plus, we have a phantom squirrel issue. Quite often, we’ll hear scratching in our walls. Whatever they are- they’re rather big and have tiny claws (so either rats or squirrels but I’m fairly certain they’re squirrels because I‘ve had a pet rat and they don‘t move the same way) Thing is- we never see them and we never see any kind of droppings or chewed stuff or anything like that and they‘re never in the attic (where most people seem to have squirrel issues) We just hear the scratching- at night. Granted, I’ve long held the opinion that they’re just outside squirrels who somehow get under the siding of our house but now, with the ghost stuff, I’m wondering about that.

And though it could just be my overactive imagination due to thinking too much about all the weird stuff, yesterday, I had a kind of weird thing happen. I was taking a shower to get ready to go to school and, of course, I had the bathroom door locked even though I was alone in the house (I’m also paranoid about people breaking in while I’m taking a shower and can’t hear them so I lock the doors at all times) When I got out of the shower and was drying off, I heard a kind of metallic crash (like some metal stuff falling off a table or something) from the dining room. I froze, of course, but when I didn’t hear anything else I just assumed the cat had knocked some stuff off our dining room table (because he’s a little bastard) When I left the bathroom and looked around though, there are nothing that had fallen over or moved or anything that was even metal around that could have made the noise. The only reason I hesitate to add this to my list of creepy things is because I’m very bad at being able to tell exactly where sound is coming from (I read somewhere that’s common with left-handed people) so I can’t be sure it wasn’t from a car driving by outside (our downstairs bathroom and dining room are right by a street) However, it sounded very close (like, in the next room close) and I hadn’t actually heard a car drive by, just the metal “bang”

I’m not really scared so much as kind of creeped out. But I realize I'm probably just being paranoid and silly and it will blow over (hopefully) soon.



Hauntingly yours,

Va-chan ^_^

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
9:02 am - My house, on the corner of my street
One and a half more weeks until school ends!! *happy dances*

Other than helping mom with her schooling and cleaning the house, I'll be home free and doing nothing for almost two months and I cannot freakin' wait.

However, it seems like the neighborhood wasps like my house faaaaaar to much for my tastes. They keep building nests on my freakin' deck!!!



Did you guys know I had a (little) deck?

I forgot that my hiatus from LJ started before I bought my house. I should post pictures of my house so you can all see it! And I can do it with the 7 megapixel digital camera I won in a drawing  at my old work's Christmas party last year, which you guys also didn't know about.

Do you guys wanna know how fucking cool my house is?


Heh, when I first walked into the house (which was a nightmare when we first looked at it (dirty, had bugs, no appliances, stains all over the carpet, etc)... in the middle of a blizzard) and saw that window I was like, "fuck it, this is my house".

I like my window ^_^


current mood: pleased

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Saturday, May 24th, 2008
1:16 am - I think I'm getting sick... but it may bring on dirty dreams

That makes me sad ;_; (well, the first part- the second part is great)

I haven't had many symptoms yet, other than a bit of a sore throat and being really tired and run down, so I'm hoping my immune system will fight it off and I'll be able to avoid a full-blown cold.

And I'm starting to get caught up on everything I missed on my flist- yay! I can't wait until this quarter's over with so I can stop disappearing to do school work (although I skipped school yesterday because I felt crappy and just watched Gundam Wing instead)

Heh, speaking of Gundam Wing, I had a very nice (and naughty) dream last night. It didn't have any of the characters from Gundam Wing, but it did have military kink that I blame on the fanfics for the series I was also reading yesterday. It had two guys (or three, because one of them had 2 personalities) who were in the military, with fairly high ranks (one was the commander of some base and his second-in-command)

The second-in-command (I think his name was Adam) was in love with his commander, but the problem is that the commander has two personalities- one was the regular commander who was nice but stand-off-ish and cold (think Rukia's brother from Bleach) and the other personality was a violent sadist that's a great warrior (because he kills -everyone-) but also doesn't have the ability to not hurt/attack his own men when he gets violent. The commander is stuck fighting in some backwoods part of the world because of the his mental problems and the 2nd-in-command pretty much is the only person who has managed to stay around him for any length of time without asking for a transfer because of the violent personality (in my dream, the personalities were named Lt. Colonel James Light and Commander James Darkness, but that's just kinda stupid sounding ^_^ And yes, they do have different ranks, the Light personality is supposed to outrank the Darkness personality though I don't know if that would be the proper ranks to do so)

Anyway, Adam finally tells Lt. Colonel Light that he loves him and they kiss all nice and gentle and it's cute. Then, the next day, the Darkness personality takes over (he can take over at will) He thinks that Adam sees him as an obstacle to his having a relationship with the Light personality and doesn't believe Adam when he says that he loves both personalities because they're two parts of the same man. So he basically puts Adam through the sexual ringer to, as he puts it, "makes sure he (Adam) knows the difference between their touches (Light and Darkness)" Though it was all consensual because Adam was trying to prove his love, it was very hardcore.

There was bondage and hand-cuffs, breath-play (choking), spanking (with the broadside of a sheathed sword), object insertion (the hilt/handle of the sword), candle-play (hot wax and insertion of the unlit end of the candle), boot-licking, leashes, cages, beatings, fisting, humiliation, and a forced orgy (he basically had Adam gang-banged by a bunch of guys)

It was very hot but very naughty and I kind of have the urge to write it as a fic. Which is both good and bad because- 1) I haven’t really had something I’ve wanted to write this much in a while, but 2) I have no time until this quarter ends.

Also, after I woke up at the end of the orgy, I stayed half-asleep for a couple more hours to play with the story more in my head but I won’t go into that because it’s mostly boring plot stuff (towards the point where I woke up all the way today, the commanders had been split into two bodies due to some weird cloning advancement that can copy brainwaves and transfer them to a duplicate body and the Darkness personality was finally getting tied up and fucked by the other two… it was great fun!)

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Friday, May 16th, 2008
4:21 pm - Going AWOL again....

Just here to announce I'm going AWOL for the weekend again. I've got a lot of work to do for school. Not only do I have my normal huge tests to either complete as a take-home (Microbiology) or study for (Med. Term.) but, because I only have three classes left, all my projects and big assignments are due and I haven't done, like, any of them. I have a Journal Assignment in Med. Term where I have to find 5 medical articles, pick out 5 "breakable words" from each one, then break and define the words (25 in all), use them in a sentence, and write a paragraph on what I learned from each article. Then, in Micro, I have an Adopt-A-Microbe presentation due where I have a Microbe (in my case, the germ that causes cavities) and we have to research it and create a poster about it to present to the class. And all that's ignoring the other big project I have due in Microbiology in two weeks that's an article review. But I'll deal with it then.

Plus I have to make sure my mom's staying on track with her schooling because she just started two online courses on Monday, but is horrible at pacing her-self with online schooling and doesn't know a whole lot about computers. I've made a little "class schedule" thing for her and am helping her work through it. And what do I get for my troubles?...

She thinks I've weird for liking Hannibal Lector. We were watching Silence of the Lambs last night and I said Hannibal was hot ^_^ Which he is, and at least he's a gentlemen and will cut off his own hand instead of yours

Mom thinks I'm creepy for that :P She also may think I'm creepy because I managed to boil The Omen (classic, not remake) and Damien: The Omen II (why yes, we did just recently get the American Movie Classics channel ^_^) down to a metaphor for pedophilia. But it was fun laughing our asses off as my theory was put to the test right in time for a scene where a grown man (the dad from the Brady Bunch) is talking to a teen-aged Damien all about how he understands what Damien is going through and feeling and he's there for him anytime he needs to talk (the instructor at Damien's school voiced the same sentiment and even went so far as to add "day or night" to that statement. Bow chicka wow wow, indeed)

Also, did my weigh-in thing for this week ;_; I only lost 1.4 lbs. Granted, I also only worked out 3 times this last week because of school being so hectic, but I've really got to ramp it up to stay on course.

See you Monday,

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
3:50 pm - Tests, tests, tests, oi!

*cracks knuckles* Geez, nothing like staying up until 7 o'clock in the morning studying for a test, right? I spent all freakin' weekend sippin' on coke and rum finishing my take-home test on microbial genetics, which killed me, and then I had to study until the wee dark hours last night for my test today in my Medical Terminology class.

I'm kind of amused though- because it's going to be such a large and difficult test she's allowing us one side of one notebook sheet of paper to use as a cheat-sheet and it must be handwritten. I had, like, about 100 words and/or (long-ass) definitions to study and, to be safe, I wanted to write them all down, as well as a big diagram since we have to do some anatomic labeling. So I start out writing my words really really really tiny around the margins of the paper to make sure I would have enough room for the picture. Now I have a page that has about an inch of tiny writing all around the margins, a good size picture to one side, and a huge blank space in the middle. I guess I underestimated how tiny I can write ^_^

So once I get home from school tonight, I'll be getting caught up on my flist before I have to start the cram-studying cycle over again this coming weekend (especially because next Monday I have another 100-question take home Microbiology test (multiple choice this time- thank god!) due and a huge project that has to be turned in for Med. Term next week, as well as having to study for the test there too)

In other news, yesterday I had to turn on the heat again because my house slipped to 54 degrees. Am I stupid or something, or did it used to be you didn't need to run your heat in FREAKING -May-? Or I could just be moody because my natural gas bill is killing me. I so want to install a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Also, I have 40% of the entire series of Gundam Wing downloaded and I am trying valiantly to stay interested until it can download all the way. I wanted to see it all again (my interest was piqued by that nostalgia about a week ago) now that I can actually follow along with all the politics and side-swapping. However, my attention is waning and I haven't had the time to devour the steady stream of GW fanfic (yaoi, of course) needed to stay focused. Hopefully I can make it! I seem to like a lot of the old-school anime better than the new stuff (I like Bleach and Death Note though, and I absolutely LOVE a little anime called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye, Mr. Despair) which I downloaded a couple months ago and finally got around to watching. I am eagerly awaiting subtitled episodes of the second season)

Anyone else know of any good new anime I should check out?

School is going to be over in a couple weeks and I'm going to have about a 2-month break. I'd rather download stuff now to watch then than have to wait for it all to download while I sit around being bored. Thanks!


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Friday, May 9th, 2008
2:47 pm - Drumroll, please...
As I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying to lose weight. But, because I'm trying not to be totally obsessive about it, I only "weight" myself once a week (and by "weight" I mean "make an officially recording of my weight" because I actually step on the scale every couple of days to make sure I'm on track) Friday is my official weighting day (I'm never sure if it should be "weighting" or "weighing". Nevertheless) so-

*drumrolls for self*

I lost 4.6 lbs this week. Which really, really surprises me because I actually thought I was gaining towards the beginning of the week. I feel more "hip-y", though I refuse to believe my mother's reasoning that this is because my boobs are shrinking extra fast ;_; But, for the first time since I started, I didn't even skip one day of exercising, so that's probably why. Hopefully that means I'm building muscle tone as well as losing fat.

But I'm now an average of 196.3 lbs (I say average because there are two scales in my house and they tell me different things. One says 196.0 and the other is 196.6, so I average them every week) This is down from 215.3 in the beginning which makes it a total weight loss of 19 lbs even over 6 weeks. *w00ts* A winnar is me.

Granted, I still have about 65 more lbs to go *whimpers* I estimate it'll take me about 5 to 8 months of consistently losing 2-3 lbs a week to do so *deep breath* I just have to keep telling myself that my health and physical well-being is worth all the freakin' crap for 5 to 8 more months!

Now, off the icky weight loss stuff!

I realize that in my old, old, old (what? 21 can be old) age that I've become much more domesticated. When I was in high school, my To-Do list used to include things like- "buy manga", "write graphic male-on-male gay sex fics", "watch X show, Y show, and Z show", and, occasionally, "go to school".

This is my To-Do List for this weekend-
Do dishes
Do laundry
Go grocery shopping
Pay bills
Cook nachos (low fat)
Study for test
Complete Adopt-A-Microbe project

... I'm an old woman!!!! Eine Hausfrau!!! (which is probably spelled all wrong) *weeps and wails*

I think I should at least add some sort of gay sex activity onto that list somewhere.

But at least my classes are cool (though challenging as hell) I just got done with an online Nutrition class (which I aced!) and I have a couple more weeks left of my Medical Terminology class and my Microbiology class (both of which I'm fairly certain I'll get a 4.0 in, if I continue to work my ass off) Unfortunately, in those two classes, next week we have what are pretty much the hardest tests of the entire semester in both of them. Luckily, on the Med Term test we get to work as a group and use one side of one notebook sheet of paper for notes and, for the Micro test, she actually let us take it home to complete it (after lying to us about being able to take last week's test home, which she then said we couldn't)

So if I'm AWOL for part of the weekend, that would be me trying to get a 100% on that Micro test. I'm shooting for living by my new personal motto "Achieve excellence in all things" I'm still trying to figure out if I stole that from, like, the Navy or something ^_^


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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
12:42 am - *stares into the great gaping void*
Um... *cough* Hello all...

I know it's been about a year and a half since I posted anything and I don't know if anyone is still even here but-

I missed you guys a lot.

This is Va-chan by the way, for those of you who may not remember me.

And I'm rather embarrassed to say that there's quite a few new names on my Flist, so if you changed your name in the past year and a half and I don't seem to quite remember who you are (anyone know how to view what an journal's old name was?) please don't be taken aback. I'm trying to get into the swing of things again (while temporarily on a dial-up connection, no less) so it's a little rocky. For anyone interested in why I've been gone so long- a lot, lot, lot of things have happened.

I graduated high school, got a job, started college, bought a house (half-owner, with my mother), got all the way through an Associates Degree in Paralegal studies except for the last semester and internship, figured out I couldn't work full time and do the unpaid internship at the same time, temporarily dropped out of school, started becoming ill from anxiety at work (customer service call center), quit my job, and am now a full time student in Pre-Nursing living on one job income (mom's) and student loans.

I'm also trying to lose weight. Over the last 6 weeks, I've gone from 215 lbs to 197, so things have been going really well there (helped in part by my quasi-OCD-ness with monitoring every calorie that goes into my body) However, I recently went from cable to dish T.V., which to save money (because I'm only living on one income now) I only leased 2 recievers (one for the living room and one for my mother's room) which means that my exercise room is stuck with a T.V. without anything playing while I exercise. So, I dug through the old buried tapes of T.V. shows (mostly anime, such as Gundam Wing, DBZ, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc) that I recorded nearly a decade ago and it made me very nostalgic, to say the least. Through all the ups and downs and just sheer, ridiculous busyness for the last couple of years, I've kinda not been able to make time for a social network. Now that I have more time on my hands, I'm hoping to rebuild what was probably the best times of my life with you guys.

Which makes me feel actually pretty pathetic. And again, I don't even know if anyone who cares is still even out there but I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Love you all,

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Saturday, August 5th, 2006
9:46 am - Yay!

I passed my driver's test!!!


Now I can stop getting up at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings to go practice for it.


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